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Der Papst

"Die lehramtliche Unterweisung der Kirche nach dem Tod des letzten Apostels muss als ein Ganzes verstanden und geglaubt werden. Es ist nicht in ein Lehramt der Vergangenheit und ein gegenwärtiges oder „lebendiges“ Lehramt aufgespalten, das eine vorherige lehramtliche Aussage nach Belieben ändern könnte."
Correctio filialis

Der Papst / Unfehlbarkeit

Joh 1:42 - Simon wird Cephas (Petrus) genannt, was Fels bedeutet
1 Kor 1:12, 3:22, 9:5, 15:5, Gal 2:9, 2:11, und 2:14 - Paulus bezieht sich auf Petrus als Cephas
Mt 16: 18 - Jesus baut seine Kirche auf Petrus der Fels
Mt 16: 19 - Jesus gibt Petrus die Schlüssel des Königreichs, die Macht zu lösen und zu binden
Joh 21: 15-17 - Jesus anvertraut, seine Schafe zum Petrus
Apg 1:15-26 - Petrus leitete die Sitzung, die Matthias wählte, um Judas zu ersetzen
Apg 2:14-42 - Petrus predigte die erste öffentliche Predigt (Pfingsten)
Apg 3:6-8 - Petrus verrichtet das erste Wunder nach Pfingsten
Apg 10:9-16 - Es wird dem Petrus offenbart, dass Nichtjuden in die Kirche zugegeben werden können
Apg 10:44-48 - Petrus tauft die ersten Nichtjuden
Mt 10:2-4, Mt 16:18-19, Lk 6:14-16, Apg 1:13 - Petrus wird immer zuerst verzeichnet

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Dear Pope Francis, I really love it when you hug babies and sick people. I also love the down-to-earth way of living and handling things you seem to have. However, when hugging becomes a substitute for sound teaching and telling the truth in no uncertain terms, when casual wear leads people to disrespect both yourself and the institution of the Pope, when the media focuses on the Pope as some sort of rock star because hugging makes good pictures and ambiguous quotes sound good in the press (even though they seem to mislead many!) and the Church centers only on you as the media hype, then this becomes a problem. Stay the way you are, but keep in mind your role and responsability as a Pope as well. Thanks.

May Catholics criticize Church authorities?

Of course they may – and even should! As long as this is done respectfully and with love, there is nothing wrong with it. Quite on the contrary – submissive and passive obedience to authority has nothing to do with a mature faith. Faith and reason have to go hand in hand – and constructive criticism is a fruit of the human reason. God created us as reasonable beings. Faith without reason can become superstition, as well as reason without faith loses its foundation and final goal. Criticism helps all of us grow, so each person in authority will encourage it and see it as a positive sign that the one who criticizes thinks about what authorities say and do – and reflects upon it. We find example of this in the New Testament (look at Peter and Paul for instance). Bottom line: Constructive, respectful and loving criticism is alright as long as it does not lead us to disrespecting Church authorities and Church teaching.

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Dear Pope Francis,

with great concern I followed what was going on at the Bishop’s synod. In short: I was both shocked and deceived – by what happened and by what did not happen. By the way it was handled and also by your inactivity which caused even more confusion among the flock than ever before.

I say that because I love you as a father – and with you the Holy Catholic Church.

No doubt you had the best intentions, but as the saying goes: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

First, it does not make sense to publish an interim report during the conference when nothing is finally discussed and decided upon yet. All this does is leave the flock of believers confused and without direction. Many twisted what was in there for their own destruction.

But most of all you failed as a leader and shepherd. You are called to lead and guide the Church like Peter did. That includes to take over and make a stand when things are getting out of control and clarification is needed. You refused to – probably because you felt you need to let the bishops and the believers have their way – whatever it was and wherever it lead. This, however, only displays a complete lack and failure of leadership when it was most needed. Many asked you to take a stand for biblical Catholic teaching. People were looking up to the shepherd when the sheep were running around without direction in complete confusion. You did not.

I am a nobody – and yet, in God’s eyes I am somebody. As such I rebuke you like Paul rebuked Peter.

It is one thing to hug children and handicapped people. Nothing wrong with that. It is a beautiful sign for what Christ’s love is all about. It is also important to leave a luxurious lifestyle and go back to our simple roots – detached from worldly richness.

However, when grace abounds and does not find its equal counterpart in truth, it soon becomes superstition without any substance. You might be a “good person” in some people’s eyes and the media will certainly love you for the great pictures you give them, but a “good person” is not necessarily a Christian. Sometimes we are called to do things which others dislike very much – for their own good.

I had lived a “gay” life myself for many years until the Lord pulled me out of the mud over ten years ago through a Christian organization called “Homosexuals Anonymous” that I meanwhile have the honor to lead. My life changed completely for the better in many different areas and I found new meaning and purpose in following Jesus Christ. As such, I want to point out that again our voice was not heard at the synod and our mere existence seems still not to be acknowledged by the Church. People talk about same-sex attractions without having a clue of what that means for those who experience that way. At worst, they seek advice from people who are embracing a “gay” life.

Again, we are asking you – and the whole Church – to open your doors for us and to do your job as shepherd and Christians. Organizations like Homosexuals Anonymous actually need not exist if the Church and their shepherds did what they are supposed to do.

We offer help and hope that now – after what had happened at the synod – you are finally open to accept it.

May the Lord continue to bless you richly, Holy Father.

Your brother