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Der Papst

What do I think of Pope Francis?

I believe the Holy Spirit guides the Church well and always helps the Cardinals finding the right man at the right time. There was a time for Benedict, now is the time for Francis. So far so good. But, the problem I see is while his encouraging and exhorting words and works of mercy and love and his special focus on the poor are wonderful and his criticism of things going wrong within the Church or attitudes of some in there is bold, necessary and straightforward - the persons and institutions he attacks will not realize that they are meant by his criticism. If they do, they will not listen to it. The drama that seems to be going on right now is that few people take the effort to read his sayings in context. They rather pick and choose a little here and a little there and twist his sayings to mean what they want them to mean. Pretty much like it is being done with the Bible. Those people probably even believe he does not criticise, but even support what they area doing and saying. I am afraid that the change he calls us for will not happen for exactly those reasons. some dioceses will still waste money instead of spending it for the poor and needy - and believe they justly do so. Evangelism will still remain an unkown country in parishes as it is simply not adressed (and put into practice) there the way the Pope adresses it. Lukewarm wellness-Catholicism will still reign in some parts of the Church. Radical laity organizations that adhere to heresies opposing Church teaching will still wrongly believe the Pope backs their claims. What to do about it? First, pray. Pray like there is no tomorrow. No spiritual weapon is stronger then prayer. Second, the laity is called to stand up where the clergy and/or the people working in the dioceses fail (note: I am NOT saying that all of the clergy or people in the diocesan offices are like that!). We all are priests, fprohets and kings and we all are called to go out and make disciples, to give up everything to follow Christ, to feed the poor and take care of the needy. We all are called to love without any condition attached! We all are called to stand up for the Church, for our faith - and last but certainly not least for Jesus!