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Gemeinsam Leben

Hier wollen wir Menschen eine Plattform geben, die christliche Wohnprojekte planen - in welcher Form auch immer. Sei es, dass ihr nur eineN MitbewohnerIn sucht - oder eine ganze Gemeinschaft.

Wer möchte, kann uns ein Email schicken und wir veröffentlichen Eure Anzeige kostenlos.


Welche Priester, Gemeindereferenten, Pastoralreferenten, katholische Laien oder Männer aus anderen christlichen Gemeinden hätten Interesse an der Gründung einer Wohn- und Lebensgemeinschaft in und um München? Tel.: 0170-1293016 Robert (www.katholisch-leben.org)


The Jesus Brothers unterstützen ausdrücklich das eremitische Leben gemäß Kirchenrecht und in Verbindung mit dem jeweiligen Ortsbischof. Informationen über Möglichkeiten zum Leben als Eremit/in (etwa Möglichkeiten zum Wohnen, Leben und Arbeiten wie zu betreuende Kapellen, Klausen, Kirchen, Wallfahrtsstätten etc.) sind uns jederzeit herzlich willkommen.

Solution for Monasteries About to Be Abandoned?

Many monasteries are being abandoned at the moment as the number of people who accept and follow a vocation to join a religious order is very much on the decline.

One solution might be that those monasteries would open their doors for likeminded Christians to move in.

That might sound weird at first or at least uncommon, but why not? Both parties might profit big time from one another. People from the outside would bring lots of fresh air and ideas into the monasteries, and the monks and friars would feed the newcomers with spiritual food.

I have heard of one monastery here in Germany where this had been tried for a while, so finally I thought I might just as well give it a try.

Some days ago, I sent emails to local monasteries, introduced myself and asked if they would be open to let me (and maybe even more with or after me) move in.

The reactions were stunning: Some did not reply at all, others pondered and discussed the thought, but finally dismissed it. Then there were those who called me up to discuss that idea with me and also one monastery that already had assigned a group to discuss that and now decided they might give it a try and invite next year some people that showed interest so we can get to know one another.

Please pray for this project – or even initiate something like that yourself.

The Church needs fresh ideas – without forgetting about what is already there.

Looking forward to the outcome f this!

Greetings from Munich, Germany,


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