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The Pope and Donald Trump

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 4:20 PM

Many people attack Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall between the USA and Mexico - including the Pope (who irresponsibly said people who want to do that are not Christians). However, there has to be an end to the current situation where many illegal immigrants come into the USA. Quite a number of them (even though not all) bring crime and drugs along. All change the situation in both countries - if there are workers who accept a salary way below the minimum wage for instance, then this has consequences for all workers. As a German I can only tell you one thing: trying to solve a political problem by letting them all in, is not only futile, it is dangerous, naive and irresponsible. You do not make the cause for migration go away by making it easier for people to leave. Even if you take in 1 million a year it would change nothing regarding sociology. The only way you can resolve this situation and also do something for all the refugees worldwide, is by helping to solve the problems in their home country.

So before you say Trump is not a Christian (figuratively speaking), Holy Father, you might think before you open your mouth. That is the least that a Pope should do. You better speak up and provide clarity when people expect you and even ask you to do that (like regarding Amoris Laetitia, family issues, same-sex attractions etc.). There, however, you are silent and completely fail as a Pope. What would have been the alternative? Voting for Hillary Clinton who is for abortion until the last moment? Are you serious??

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