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Getting Known

Posted on September 2, 2016 at 1:00 PM

I absolutely dislike it when Catholics want to see their name get big. You know them - trying to get every interview on TV and radio, writing books, being on all the Catholic websites, kissing butts of Catholic celebrities so their light will shine on them too, getting pictures with bishops, cardinals, and finally - the Pope. They go on demonstrations - not without letting everyone know so they hit the headlines the next day. If you listen a little to what they are saying, it actually sounds quite shallow. You have heard it before and better. However, those people are really good at marketing themselves. It is all about them. They want to be known and make money out of it. The problem with that: It is actually the opposite of being a humble Catholic who wants to see the name of His Savior and His bride, the Church, known and loved...

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