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Evangelizing Jews?

Posted on December 9, 2015 at 2:25 PM

What I think of the new document by the Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews called "The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable" (Rom 11:29) A Reflection on Theological Questions Pertaining to Catholic–Jewish Relations on the Occation of the 50th Anniversary of "Nostra Aetate" (No.4)?

I have only glanced through it, but from what I saw so far I consider it highly dangerous and misleading - almost to the point of heresy. Like any other wrong teaching coming from within the Church, there is a lot of truth in it. That makes the error ever so much more dangerous as it becomes invisible as error and appears as truth. In short: I believe the leaders of the Church are leading their flock into the wrong direction and it is up to us to stand up and fulfill both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission (which makes no difference of nationality or religious affiliation, institutions or individuals). To exclude anyone from that opens a door that will lead to even worse error.

Categories: Judaism, Evangelisation, Vatican II