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Moderate Muslims?

Posted on February 20, 2015 at 3:10 PM

Where are those millions of "moderate Muslims" when it comes to condemning daily terror acts commited in the name of Islam? How come there is no such thing as a "moderate" Muslim state on the globe that is anywhere near comparable with Western democracies that have a Christian foundation? The problem is not "moderate" or "radical" Islam, but Islam itself! No, not every Muslim is a terrorist, yet Islam is in no way comparable with Judaism or Christianity and I do not believe we share the same God either. Yes, some Muslims honstly try to believe in some higher being, yet a "God" that asks for complete submission of a slave to his master ("peace") has nothing to do with faith as we know it. We are being told that certain acts committed in the name of Islam or radical Muslim beliefs are not the "true" Islam, but I venture to say that tha majority of Muslims worldwide do share extreme beliefs and the history of Islam up to this day is not a pleasant one. There is not guiding authority like the Pope that you could look up to as the sheperd who leads the flock and along with the bishopry decides upon what the orthodox Christian faith is all about. Anybody can claim to be in the line of "true Islam" - and they do. Islam is closer to a totalitarian political ideology seeking to conquer the world by whatever means in order to impose sharia law on it than to what we understand as faith in God. I love Muslims with all of my heart - this is why I oppose Islam just as passionately!

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