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Illegitimate Ordinations

Posted on February 1, 2015 at 8:20 AM

My dear evangelical brothers, some of you have the erroneous notion that they can somehow "strengthen" their pastorship by adding "apostolic succession". They dig out a some bishop in Brazil that went astray decades ago and have him lay handson them. Like this they believe they are standing right in the apostolic succession as well. This is very wrong. For apostolic succession, it is necessary to be annointed by a bishop - but the annointing also needs to be legitimate, else it is not valid!! Annointing and apostolic successions are not vodoo rituals that give you power and legitimacy. An annointing can neveer be separate from His Church! To do so would be a grave misunderstanding of what annointing and the offices of the deacon, priest and bishop are all about - WITHIN the Church!

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