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Are We Missing the Point?

Posted on October 26, 2014 at 9:25 AM

As every Sunday, I went to attend the service in the church building around the corner. Walking there and seeing all those nicely dressed up people heading into the same direction, I felt something coming up that I thought had disappeared long ago: the feeling of not belonging there, of being the black sheep of the family.

Not that anybody treated me that way, mind you. But, maybe you can relate to that: there are those niche church people, and then there is you. As hard as you might try, you simply won’t feel like you are one them. More like somebody from a totally different background that those nice folks (thankfully!) have no clue about and that makes you stand out, like it or not.

In front of the church building is a park and usually drunkards, homeless and other “marginalized” (how I hate that word!) hang around there, right in front of the church door. I wonder why we never got the idea to approach them.

I looked from one to the other and actually did not want to attend the service anymore, but spend time with the folks in the park. And then a thought came up: What’s the point in celebrating and worshipping God like a religious club inside a church building when we can be church (instead of “going to church”) by celebrating in that park and inviting those who are present. Afterwards we might enjoy a common lunch with them and share our thoughts and sorrows. Wouldn’t that be a totally different way of worship? Like the way it was meant to be?

Maybe the situation is similar in your church. Maybe you could go out as well and celebrate with those who are most in need of love.

Just saying.


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