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What makes us so special?

Posted on September 18, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Why is the Jason Foundation and its ministries so different from other ministries?


Well, you could say we are family – with all the good and bad sides, the ups and the downs. We have a very close relationship among one another and a common dislike for the usual strategies and structures of similar organizations. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why some of our ministries have been around for so long while others grew big – and disappeared. Yes, we’ve heard it all: We are chaotic, lack organization and structure, we have no business plan and no quality management, we don’t follow the rules of the business, we risk not getting big internationally and the like.

Probably all true. I guess we could not care less about that. As I said – we are family. As such, we encourage and exhort one another, we are responsible for one another and share a common goal. Most of all: We still have the zeal and the holy fire burning within us that others might have lost on the way to fame and success - and we want to light up the whole world with it!


Our role model is Jesus Himself: He had twelve no-names that He called disciples – and look what He did with them! I have seen way too many Christian ministries get big and follow the rules of the world. They all had the best intentions and I am not saying that everything they are doing is bad, but they certainly lost what got them started: Fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Going out, baptizing people and making them disciples of Jesus Christ! Leaving everything behind and serving the poorest of the poor, the outcast, the “marginalized”, the lonely, the sad, the hookers, the sexually broken, the lost, the criminals and whoever else is out there needing Jesus.


Call us old-school, naïve or radical – we could not care less. It’s not about us. It’s all about the God we serve.


So we keep on doing crazy things that others probably wouldn’t do, we seek to go where none has been before and we are open about our beliefs, no matter what others think about that.


We wouldn’t want it any other way. We are overflowing with joy and want to share it all with you.


Munich, Germany – September 18th, 2014


Robert Gollwitzer

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